Ukraine Visas
Yuliia Ismail has led our Ukraine
Advice Service since March 2022.
She is an accredited immigration
adviser (OISC level 2),
supported by Ukrainian volunteers
and Settled’s wider team of migration lawyers.
Where appropriate we escalate complex or very delayed cases to the UK Home Office.

For free, accredited, 1:1 advice in Ukrainian (or English) please email [email protected] We can phone you internationally if needed. 

Alternatively, we have a private Facebook group, in Ukrainian, in which you see relevant information and ask general questions.

Please see information boxes below on the Homes For Ukraine and Extension schemes, the issue of fraudulent visas, and training that Settled can provide to other organisations.

February 2024 update

The Home Office released a Statement of Changes to legislation on Ukraine visa schemes on 19 February 2024.

We’re waiting for detailed guidance from the government, but for now we can highlight four significant changes:

  1. The Ukraine Family scheme has been ended with immediate effect.
  2. To make a new application to the Homes For Ukraine scheme, the potential sponsor needs to be either British, Irish, or have EUSS settled status. This means that a Ukrainian resident in the UK under a Ukraine visa scheme can non longer be a sponsor.
  3. Successful applications submitted from 19.2.24 (15:00GMT) will now be granted visas for 18 months. Any pending applications submitted before this date will still be granted visas for 36 months if successful.
  4. The Home Office has said that the process for ‘Permission to Extend’ existing visas will be opened from January 2025. We await detailed guidance on this.

Homes For Ukraine scheme

Ukraine Extension scheme

Information about fraudulent visas

I am so grateful to this country and to your organisation! 

A million thousand times I will not get tired of repeating: 
Thank You! Thank You for being in this world!

An advisor of Settled Ukraine Advice took care of all the hassle with a visa application. She helped me to resolve this issue quickly, completely free of charge... I am very grateful to have discovered this wonderful service, when it was very much needed. 

Katya is a Ukrainian woman living in England, whose teenage son was stuck in a warzone, alone, after his grandmother died. 

Trying to get a visa for him, she paid advisers twice – with no results, but many months wasted. Then she discovered Settled… 

(3 minute video, with English subtitles)


Tomila gave birth to her son in the UK, to save him from the war in Ukraine. 

Settled gave free, accredited advice in Ukrainian, and helped her apply for his visa, something she hadn’t realised was needed.

(2 minute video, with English subtitles)

Settled is a charity.

 In order for Settled to reach and give invaluable advice to as many Ukrainians as possible, for free, 
please consider donating to us if possible. 

Thank you very much!

We’re here to help you with your Settled Status to remain in the UK. We have 100 volunteers on hand who can provide advice in all EU lanaguages.

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