EU Settlement Scheme
This page outlines your rights as an EU citizen in the UK.
If you require help with your EUSS status,
please read the Questions & Answers under each relevant box below.
Please use these webpages before contacting Settled, as the answers may be here.

This webpage was updated in November 2023. This summary was correct at that time.

Overview on accessing your rights under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

Making a late application to the EUSS

Help accessing the digital system
(I have settled or pre-settled status)

Changed circumstances
- changing EUSS records

Accessing my EUSS rights in the UK

Challenging an EUSS refusal

Moving from pre-settled to settled status

Making an application for a
'joining family member'

Making an application for a child

We’re here to help you with your Settled Status to remain in the UK. We have 100 volunteers on hand who can provide advice in all EU lanaguages.

Are Children Involved?

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